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Metaverse Pets
4 min readNov 19, 2021
Metaverse Pets

Hi Everyone,

I am the owner of Metaverse Pets. I want to share this NFT project with you. First of all, let talk about the origin of Metaverse Pets.

This project starts from thinking about the trauma of losing pets.

I have a dog in real life, and he is seven years old this year, which means he is entering old age. I started reading some books and studying more information about house care for an elder dog last year. Whenever I realize he may leave me five years later, I feel sad and cannot imagine life without him. So when I watched the YouTube video about Metaverse, I started thinking about the possibility and the relationship between our lovely pets in real life and the one in Metaverse. It’s the start point of Metaverse Pets.

Building possibility in Blockchain and Metaverse

I am a software engineer, and I genuinely believe technology will provide more options to live a better life. Imagine you can still own your pet in Metaverse; you can have a friendship or be a family together in Metaverse with your pets. Moreover, you can easily find the pets owner who may suffer the same situation you have, and you can help each other go through the pain. My final goal is to build an innovation lab for developing the technology or applications about the pet’s relationship in Metaverse or Blockchain. We are still in an early stage for the technology, not only for this project but also for the whole Metaverse ecosystem. As our first step in this NFT project, I will release 100 unique NFTs on Polygon Network for revealing our art and idea about losing and being brave. When the 100 unique NFTs are sold out, I will randomly announce the date for presale and public sales for 3000 NFTs generated by the program. In the last Roadmap step, I will publish smart contracts and let your Metaverse Pets generate their next generation and apply jobs to be a rarer NFT. I appreciate all of our members and followers for supporting this project in this early stage. I want to invite you to tell the world about our project by telling the people interested in this vision.

Losing is one of the big topics in real life.

It is not my purpose in writing this letter for all of you to feel sad or cry about losing pets. Losing is the topic in everyone’s life, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic in the last year. We may not pass the pain of losing, but we would be a braver version of ourselves when we decide to look forward with the scar. I want people to feel that we are stronger than we think and feel joyful that we have been staying together. As an artist in Metaverse Pets, I want people can know you are a brave person if you use our NFT to be your profile picture.
Today, I want to invite you to start thinking about the memories of losing and how you become braver. If you have pets in real life, please think about the relationship and the possibility of Metaverse’s future life and feel free to join our community to share what you thought with us.

Support Metaverse Pets

I appreciate you reading this letter and all members who join our community or follow our social account. It’s a vast encouragement for me. However, I need to let you know we are seeking early supporters to support this project financially. So if you are interested in our vision or artworks, please kindly help us by owning one of Metaverse Pets on OpenSea. It’s worth doing because you will have another one for free when we are in public sales. You will not pay any gas fee for these two Metaverse Pets. We will publish only 100 Metaverse Pets in Polygon Network for early sales, and in the public sales, we will deploy contracts on Ethereum. Still, the early supporters can receive another Metaverse Pet without paying any fee.

Different Careers in Metaverse Pets

Moreover, you can participate in the airdrops for King and Queen Metaverse Pets in Polygon Network if you are our early supporters. Again, I appreciate all of you reading this letter, joining our community, or following our social account. Suppose you love this project but can’t support us financially. I can understand. You are welcome to join and stay in our community. We would love to talk with all of you about your thought on our vision and any ideas.

Thank you so much! Have a wonderful life!

— — —

🔗 Official Links 🔗

Website: https://metaversepets-nft.com/

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/metaverse-pets

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaversePets

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metaversepets.game.nft/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/c8BgyUNsJz



Metaverse Pets

We are building the relationship between real pets and the ones on Metaverse.