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5 min readNov 21, 2021

We had an AMA session in our Discord Server on 2021/11/21.

It is an AMA in Chinese, and here is the note in the English version. If you have any further questions about this project, please feel free to join our Discord Community. Thanks!

Project Updates


  1. We have a Medium account to post the project updates, vision, and plan.
  2. I will write some study documents about the NFT and Metaverse.
  3. I had posted the documents about the vision and plan for this project in English and Chinese to Medium. Please share the post with your friends who might be interested in this project. Thanks.

We sold 5 NFTs in early sales and resale one copy of Halloween Metaverse Pets in the last 24 hours.

The plan for the income:

  1. 10/23 ~ 12/1 Salaries for the MODs (It was prepaid for our two MODs.)
  2. Domain Name for our official website (It was a one-time cost, and I am the domain name owner for the next two years.)
  3. 2021/11/20 ~ 2022/11/20 Nitro and boost our server

Our Discord server had two boosts, and I can upload 15 stickers now. I will draw the stickers and upload them in the next week.

  1. Please let me know if you have any idea about the stickers you want to use.
  2. Please feel free to use our stickers and emojis in the other community.

Event Updates

  1. I will send Thanksgiving Metaverse Pets to the addresses posted on the thanksgiving channel on 11/24. Please shill your NFT on the shill-your-MVP channel when you receive the gift.
  2. We will announce the first five invitation challenge winners on 11/23 and raffle one lucky winner, to win one Metaverse Pets for free.
  3. You can still buy raffle tickets after 11/23.
  • We will raffle discount tickets when we reach 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, and 500 members in our discord community.
  • We will raffle one lucky winner to win one Metaverse Pets for free when we reach 500 and 1000 members in our discord community.


Is there any plan for the careers attribute on Metaverse Pets?

  1. The different careers on Metaverse Pets will affect the rarity score in each Metaverse Pets in phase 1 and phase 2.
  2. In phase 3 of our Roadmap, you can use the unemployed Metaverse Pets to engage with our smart contracts with career NFT. It will generate another rarer NFT for you.
  3. Before we reach phase 3, I will hold an event to ask our community what kind of career you want to see on Metaverse Pets. It will be fun if you see the career attribute which you voted on Metaverse Pets.

Is there any plan to build GameFi on Metaverse Pets?

  1. We will not build GameFi in the first 3 phases in our Roadmap.
  2. After we reach goals in the first 3 phases of our Roadmap, we might build a game and combine the careers attributes on Metaverse Pets. It will affect each Metaverse Pets to find a different job on Metaverse and the salary of MVPC.

You have published your NFT to OpenSea on the OpenSea website. Will it affect the plan for GameFi development?

  1. I will write the smart contracts for phases 2 and 3 on my own.
  2. In my plan, I will deploy the smart contracts to Ethereum. However, a member of our community gives me feedback about the consideration for the Solana blockchain. So, I think it will be good to discuss with our community before developing the smart contracts for phases 2 and 3.
  3. For now, I focus on the promotion and deliver the idea and artwork for this project in phase 1.

Is that you will write the smart contracts, or will you find some people to help?

  1. Yes, in my plan, I will write the smart contracts for phases 2 and 3.
  2. I have a software development background. It’s not the most challenging part for me to develop smart contracts. But, if I have a problem in developing, I can find proficient people in this field for help.

The NFT fever seems to pass. Will you want to move to phase 2 of your Roadmap without the early sales in phase 1?

  1. I agreed the NFT fever is passing away. But, I believe NFT and Metaverse’s technical will remain and get stronger in the next couple of years.
  2. I want to share my idea, artwork, and vision for this project in phase 1 and attract people worldwide interested in my thoughts.
  3. (Update) The further promotion plan:
  • I will use the income from phase 1 to get a promotion for this project.
  • I will find some other projects to collaborate on for giving away our NFTs.

In the breeding system in phase 3, can the dog and cat be combined and generate the next generation?

  1. There are three types of breed in Metaverse Pets, purebred, mixed, and super.
  2. It will only reveal purebred and mixed in phase 1, and the super breed will be shown in phases 2 and 3.
  3. There is more opportunity to generate super breed if you combine dog and cat in the breeding system.

Do you mind if there are other artists to join this topic?

  1. For now, the main topic of my artwork is about losing and being a braver person. But, as I wrote in the letter about my vision for this project, I think losing a loved one is not a topic only for pets owners. Losing is the topic in everyone’s life, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic in the last year. So, I think it would be great if artists or designers could build their artwork on this topic.

Is there any other staff in your team?

  1. We have two mods in the discord server so far. One is living in the USA, and the other is living in Indonesia.
  2. I take care of other parts of this project so far, but I hope the members of our community can get the answers to your question in our community as soon as possible. It’s why I prepaid salary for mods to join this community to help.

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