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Metaverse Pets
5 min readNov 29, 2021
We have almost 500 members in our discord community now.

To learn more about Metaverse Pets, please read this story: About Metaverse Pets. This post is about the event in the past two weeks and the event will be held this week:

Events in this week

  1. Raffle Event

There is a raffle event to raffle two lucky winners to win a 90% discount ticket and a 50 % discount ticket on 12/5 at 11:00 pm UTC+8.

🔗 Please join our discord server to enter this event: https://discord.com/invite/c8BgyUNsJz

We have a raffle event this weekend.

If we reach 500 members before 12/5, the giveaway and a bonus raffle prize will unlock!

2. New Drops Alert

I will publish three new Metaverse Pets in our collection. There is one Engineer, one Fighter, and one Explorer. The date might be on 12/4.

Community Status

The Sales from our collection

11 NFTs sold from Early Sales.
  1. We sold 11 NFTs from Early Sales.
  2. 3 Halloween Metaverse Pets have resale from our community and they earn the profit from the gifts.
  3. 1 Special Gift has resale from our community and they earn the profit from the gifts.

Thanksgiving Giveaway for our community

There are 13 types of Thanksgiving Metaverse Pets.

I drew 13 types of Metaverse Pets for our community as gifts for Thanksgiving Day. Every kind of Thanksgiving Metaverse Pets has one letter on their bib when you put the 13 types of Thanksgiving Metaverse Pets together. Then, boom! You can see the word “METAVERSE PETS”! It’s a surprise for our community, and I appreciate all of you joining our discord server or following our social account.
I mint 30 copies in each type of Thanksgiving Metaverse Pets and sent out 250 in total for the community on 11/24 and 11/25. I have sent one of each type to my main address: `0x1e60fcd71951e2399c643f2330c54e94746e4ee9` to commemorate. Then, I will burn the rest copies, and I will not list the gifts for sales at my main address. If you want to own these Thanksgiving Metaverse Pets, please buy them from my community.

Invitation Challenge

One of giving away for the winner in invitation challenge.

Our first invitation challenge ended on 11/23. We gave away 2 Metaverse Pets in early sales for free, two discount tickets with a 90% discount rate, two discount tickets with a 50% discount rate, and two discount tickets with a 30% discount rate.

The giveaway for the bonus of invitation challenge.

The winners who have the 90% discount tickets choose these two Metaverse Pets and own them at a nice discount rate:

The winner of 90% discount tickets choose these two Metaverse Pets and bring them home.

AMA Session

We finished the first AMA session for our Chinese community on 11/20. You can find the note for this session both in English and Chinese:

Five stickers for our community

I boost our discord server on 11/20. Then, I can upload 15 stickers on our discord server. It’s a discord server for our community, so I start to encourage members to share their pets’ photos in the #pets channel on our discord server. And so far, we have 7 stickers and 5 stickers are drawn based on the pet's photo from our community.

There are still 8 available for me to upload stickers in our discord server. Share your pets’ photos with our community and let me know if you want your pets’ photos to be the sticker!


The goal in early sales is to engage people in our community and share my vision and art with the world. I have some experiments in marketing strategy and tried to attract people to join and learn about Metaverse Pets in the last week. Here is what I try:

  1. Twitter Promotion: I chose one Twitter account with 6K followers and paid 80 USDT to retweet the thanksgiving tweet from our Twitter.
  2. Instagram Promotion: I chose one Instagram account with 544K followers and paid 60 USDT for posting twice my art.
  3. Discord DM Promotion (I know it is annoying, but I think I need to try every way to boost our community): One of the members of our discord server contacted me and gave me a discount for sending 10k DM to discord members for sharing our discord server.

Only if we have the best content for our community can we go as far as we want. So, I have done my experiments so far, and I will get back to my daily work to doing the art and sending my thoughts to the world. I will still do some marketing for our investors in the future, but I will do my best on my art and process forward for the vision first.

What’s the next?

  1. Continue to seek the collaboration opportunity.
  2. Hold an event for our community to share the story about their pets.

— — —

🔗 Official Links 🔗

Website: https://metaversepets-nft.com/

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/metaverse-pets

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaversePets

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metaversepets.game.nft/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/c8BgyUNsJz



Metaverse Pets

We are building the relationship between real pets and the ones on Metaverse.