2/23 ~ 3/8 Biweekly Update (We finally published 100 NFTs in Early Sales!)

Metaverse Pets
5 min readMar 8, 2022

This is a report for our community. If you would like to learn more about Metaverse Pets, please read this story first:

Community Status

The Sales from our collection

  • volume traded: 3.9 ETH

These 10 new Metaverse Pets join our collection in these two weeks, including 5 NFTs from customization requests:

In these two weeks, we sold 9 NFTs from our early sales! Thank you so much for being our early supporters!

We have published 100 NFTs in our early sales! Unfortunately, only 29 NFTs you can buy with the original price from our official account — MetaverseArtisan. If you miss out, you will buy from our community and may have a higher price than the current price!

You will be our early supporters if you own NFTs in early sales! You will receive another NFT as a gift that we appreciate your early support when we launch Public Sales. Moreover, you might be the lucky winner for the King of Metaverse Pets if you are one of the owners of 001~050 Metaverse Pets. You might be the lucky winner for the Queen of Metaverse Pets if you are one of the owners of 001 ~ 100! The airdrop event will be announced when we sell out the first 50 NFTs and 100 NFTs in our Twitter and Discord community. The price in the early sales is lower than the Public Sales. Please don’t miss out!

🔗 Early Sales: https://opensea.io/MetaverseArtisan

Activity Event & Recap

寵物大講堂 (Pet’s Talk)

We are welcome for pet lovers to join our community. To gather more people who love pets, we are starting a new event for our Chinese community. It starts from the Chinese community because I am familiar with the pet environment in my country. However, we will have courses in different communities in different languages if there are more people joined from the world.

2/27 與 3/6 我們完成了兩堂寵物大講堂的課程,主題分別是「自我意識 — 你家寵物人的自己嗎?」與「行為理論——如何訓練你家寵物?」,課程在直播期間為免費參與,並且可以即時與講師互動並詢問問題,回看功能則僅提供給持有 Metaverse Pets NFT 的成員


🔗 https://opensea.io/MetaverseArtisan

📌 好處:

⭐️ 持有首發創作作品,則在第二階段可以獲得相同數量的 NFT 空投

⭐️ 當 001 ~ 050 由 MetaverseArtisan 全數售出時,將抽出其中一個持有地址空投國王 NFT

⭐️ 當 001 ~ 100 由 MetaverseArtisan 全數售出時,將抽出其中一個持有地址空投皇后 NFT

⭐️ 寵物大講堂課程內容無限回看

3/13 與 3/20 是第一個系列的第四與第五堂課程,喜歡動物、想要更深入了解科學理論的朋友們,請不要錯過參與課程的機會!

🔗 加入 DC 社群參與直播課程: https://discord.com/invite/c8BgyUNsJz


I mint and record a hard time of the war in Ukraine. The name of NFT is #StandWithUkraine and the quote in NFT is from one of the posts in The New York Times.

If you would like to own this NFT and stand with Ukraine. Please leave your address in the 🇺🇦-stop-the-war channel in our Discord community. The giveaway event will continue till the end of the war.

🔗 Join our community: https://discord.com/invite/c8BgyUNsJz

About Whitelist for Genesis Metaverse Pets

When we sell out the 100 NFTs in early sales, we will announce the date for private sales of Genesis Metaverse Pets. There are only 3000 Genesis Metaverse Pets on Ethereum. You can mint in private sales if you are on our whitelist. To win the whitelist, you need to be qualified with the conditions list below:
1️⃣ At least level 10 in our Discord server
2️⃣ At least invite 3 people to join our Discord server
3️⃣ Submit whitelist requests, and you have to answer questions correctly. (You can find the link of form in our Discord community.)

According to your contribution to our community, you will win different types of whitelists. The contribution might be but not a restriction to the list below:

  1. Be active and help new members in our discord community
  2. Discuss the pets or animal-related topics in any relevant channels in our discord community
  3. Share the project of Metaverse Pets on your social account or other discord community
  4. Create art or meme for our community

The Types of Whitelist

  1. Free mint (can only mint 1 genesis pet)
  2. 50% off mint (can only mint 1 genesis pet)
  3. Private mint for 6 Genesis Metaverse Pets
  4. Private mint for 3 Genesis Metaverse Pets


Only the early supporters are qualified for the airdrop of Genesis Metaverse Pets. There are only 29 NFTs are available in our early sales now.

🔗 Early Sales: https://opensea.io/MetaverseArtisan

Whitelist Collaboration

We have collaborated with Soft Cat Club and given one 50% off mint whitelist for the holders of NFT of Soft Cat Club. The lucky winner was announced last night.

Whitelist of Genesis Metaverse Pets

👉 The lucky winner from Soft Cat Club is Chen_ian#8313!
He/She submitted the whitelist and answer questions correctly. Congratulation! You are the first user in our whitelist! 😘

What’s the next?

  1. Redesign our official website for Phase 2 and 3.
  2. Find the collaborations.

— — —

🔗 Official Links 🔗

Website: https://metaversepets-nft.com/

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/metaverse-pets

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaversePets

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metaversepets.game.nft/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/c8BgyUNsJz



Metaverse Pets

We are building the relationship between real pets and the ones on Metaverse.